New Year, New Strategy?


A cold, grey and usually miserable January... An ideal time to change things up.

Plan for the year ahead we say!

With the beginning of the new year upon us, it feels good to have new ideas and things to look forward to. It may be that you want to launch a new business idea you've been pondering over or maybe you are already established but want to change the way you work to create a more efficient and profitable business. It could even be a serious brand shakeup to get your business noticed by the people that matter.

This is where Brand Strategy comes into play. We all have different goals and targets and if you havent planned already, now is a great time to look at your business in finer detail.

Thinking back over the past year especially, what has worked well? What maybe not so well? Or identifying your most profitable work (that you actually really love to do) and figure out how to shout about that even more!

Having a strategy will help you in many ways, providing a clear step by step plan that you can break down into managable and acheivable steps. Looking at a big goal as one can be scary and feel unacheivable to most of us. Breaking things down into steps is the way forward.  Setting an end goal and then working this backwards into manageable steps will help you so much more. Having a brand strategy will also save you time and not to mention a huge amount of money.

Knowing which areas to focus on will mean that you can invest money in areas for your business that really matter, bringing you the results that you want.  

It may be that you want to come across as more professional, or maybe you are thinking about opening your first retail premises. First impressions are vital in this day and age...



We say 'take a step back'

One of the most beneficial tasks you can do is book out a day to plan your strategy for the year ahead. When we say, 'take a step back', we mean several steps back.

You want to step back until you are virtually outside of your business. Then the hard bit,  look at it from a customers shoes or perspective.
We often get so caught up in the finer details to realise that we are in fact missing vital tips and tricks that will help to grow the brand. Acting as a customer will get you thinking differently, outside the box as it were. So ask yourself as a customer, what is it like to do business with you? Is the service efficient or the products easy to purchase? Is every aspect of the business organised, is there a set process customers are taken through from start to finish? What feel does the logo or current branding portray, is this still relevant? There are many questions to be asked.

Often we see business owners throw money at the wrong things. The key is to find out what the root problem is and deal with it in a direct way. There is absolutely no point in investing time and money into something to cover a problem up.

Brand Message can be another issue. Many owners are not clear on who they are marketing or selling to, what is their brand message? If they don't know then how the hell are customers supposed to know to buy or use their products or services? Trying to market to people when you are unclear yourself is counter productive.

Step one with your Brand strategy is to define a clear brand message.

Step two is to analyse your business, asking yourself the following questions:

  • What are you good at?
  • What are you not so good at?
  • What your competitors are doing and so on...

The idea here is to get your brain working and looking at things in different ways. There is always more than one perspective!

So grab yourself a pen and some paper, book yourself a day away for your usual business activities and get your new year plan of action in place. Exciting times ahead for sure!

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