How to charge more

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Fancy raising your prices AND getting new clients?

Positioning yourself as an industry expert can transform your brand. Firstly you can charge more for the same product or add value to your services. Secondly your business will instantly have a premium feel to it, building trust with your customers.

Luxury brands all present themselves in an ideal light, from on trend advertising to a faultless customer buying experience.

There are ways you can elevate your brand (without having the marketing budget of John Lewis)... 
read on for our advice below - 


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This is what defines your brand from others in your industry. Its those little details that count. From matching buttons and fastenings to embossed leather tags, all premium brands will have considered every finer detail. Having professionally branded products will set you apart showing that care and consideration has gone into every part of your brand. If the customer see's that they will be willing to invest in your products and services. Stamps, seals and even stickers are a great way to add your logo.

BRAND TIP - have your branding printed on high quality materials or invest in specialist print finishes. You will thank us later for this advice! A label that has been foil embossed will look more expensive than an inkjet label from your standard printer.


What is your message? What is it you want your audience to see and hear? A successful and well though out campaign will instantly add meaning and value to your brand. Be consistent across your media, so run campaigns by print, website, mailing list and social media for maximum impact.


We all like to be helpful so sharing industry knowledge with your customers will instantly raise you to 'expert' status. You don't need to give away the  100 year old top secret family recipe, simply share snippets of advice that others may not know! Customers will value your advice and do further business with you.


Noticed that some of the top brands never need to have sales or special offers. While we all love a bargain, reducing your prices too often will devalue your brand. Customers will come to expect you to offer a discount. Of course you can still do offers, but make sure you are adding something of value rather than dropping your prices!

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Whether its a service or product that you offer, every aspect of it should be presented beautifully. Customers should feel looked after from start to finish. If you offer a servive do they get any branded information or guided through your sales process? Are your products presented visually in the best possible way and then wrapped with care when purchased?

We like to have something tangible after parting with our cash, be it a welcome pack or an exquisitely branded box protecting our special new purchase. Like we mentioned, it is the small details that can make all of the difference.


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