Recycled paper

Sustainable brand design for small businesses.

At The Artisan Branding Co. we don’t only love Norfolk but the whole world! We like to do our bit to look after the planet. We work in a green and environmentally conscious way, designing with sustainability in mind, creating products that can be used for more than one purpose or use.

Wherever possible we work with high-quality, recyclable or bio-degradable materials. We also support local business owners as our preferred suppliers. Norfolk is choc-full of fabulous companies offering a range of products and services. We just love working with independent businesses.

We might be a small business but believe that small things can make a big difference. By looking at the types of packaging we use or our printing techniques or choosing delivery companies with a low carbon emission, our small actions can make a positive impact.

Thank you for supporting us in reducing waste. Contact us for more information.